May 26, 2017

Town Hall Questions and Call-in Scripts






May 16, 2017

DAILY ACTION: Tell the Senate Intel. Committee to figure out exactly what Trump revealed so we can contain the damage! (844) 241-1141 &


May 15, 2017

ACTION ALERT – Call Eric Greitens and ask him to veto anti-worker legislation

In the last week of legislative session, Missouri Republicans pushed through two extreme pieces of anti-worker legislation.

The first is Senate Bill 43, which we’ve told you about before. This dangerous bill, which gives people a free pass to discriminate against our family and friends, is being sent to the Governor’s desk. Senate Bill 43 would make it harder for employees who face discrimination to hold others accountable. That’s unacceptable — and we need to make sure the Governor knows Missourians across the state are paying attention. If Eric Greitens signs SB 43, he will gut protections for employees who’ve been discriminated against based on their age, ancestry, color, disability, sex, religion, race or nation of origin.

The second is House Bills 1194 & 1193. Within the last hours of the legislative session, Missouri Republicans vindictively pushed through a slash of the Minimum Wage that will take effect in August of 2017. If Eric Greitens signs this legislation, workers in St. Louis who are working hard to make ends meet will see their wages cut from $10 an hour to $7.70 an hour, all because Republican politicians in Jefferson City decided to slash their wages for political points. That’s wrong and the Governor should stand up for working Missourians.

Call Governor Greitens and tell him to VETO SB 43 and House Bills 1194 & 1193 – (573) 751-3222


May 14, 2017

From Indivisible KC: Tell Your Senators NO to TrumpCare!

The House of Representatives have passed the TrumpCare 2.0 bill and now it is up to the Senate to stop this terrible bill from becoming law.  It would allow states to opt out of federal requirements and take away the Essential Health Benefits requirement, and could create high risk pools on the state level.

Write to your Members of Congress today and tell them to oppose this bill, even more harmful to ordinary Americans than the first TrumpCare!  Click Start Writing to make them hear YOUR interests, not just those of the party and the health insurance lobby.

*Adding your street address ensures that you are matched with the correct Members of Congress


May 10, 2017

If your number one priority this morning is contacting your elected officials because you are alarmed by the firing of FBI Director Comey in the middle of an investigation into Russian meddling in our election and think we need a special prosecutor who is not beholden to 44, here is a good script:

It’s easy. A short message is good. Something along these lines:
“I live in Zip Code [ ….. ]. I am calling [or emailing] to express my alarm at President Trump’s firing of FBI Director Comey and ask [U.S. Senator or Representative’s name] to demand a Special Prosecutor to oversee the investigation on Russian interference in the 2016 election.”

Tell your Senator we need a Special Prosecutor for the Russia investigation, NOW! (844) 241-1141 & read:



May 8, 2017

Right now – the Missouri House is debating Senate Bill 43, a reckless bill that gives people a free pass to discriminate in the workforce.

Senate Bill 43 would gut the Missouri Human Rights Statute, which protects employees who have been discriminated against in the workplace based on their age, ancestry, color, disability, sex, religion, race, or nation of origin.

Missouri House Democrats are fighting against this dangerous legislation on the floor right now but they need your help.

Here’s what you need to do to help out:

1.  Click here to look up your state representative

2.  Call your state representative and urge them to stand with working Missourians and vote NO on SB 43

May 4, 2017

In a shocking move, Republican House leadership announced that they’ll be voting on TrumpCare today, in just a few hours. The TrumpCare bill eliminates protections for pre-existing conditions, defunds Planned Parenthood, and guts Medicaid. It is a horrifyingly bad bill—and it’s dangerously close to passing.

But here’s the thing: nobody knows how this vote will go. We say this as former congressional staffers emailing you from D.C.—they really don’t have the votes yet. There are still many undecided—or wavering—Representatives, and this gives you power.

There’s not much time left before the vote, so here are three ways to assert that constituent power:

  1. Show up, in person, at your Representative’s district office this morning. Bring friends. Tell your story.
  2. Call your Representative. If you can’t get through, call again. We need every single phone in the Capitol ringing off the hook until this bill is dead.
  3. Post to Facebook and social media. We need to get MORE people calling and visiting ASAP. Tell your friends and family that now is the moment to make their voices heard. The vast majority of Americans oppose this bill—we have to speak out and make sure they know it.

If you need more info, check out our updated TrumpCare page. Now is the moment to stand up, fight back, and kill this bill for good. We’re standing with you.


May 1, 2017

Director of Policy & Legislative Affairs
Missouri Health Advocacy Alliance
May 1, 2017
1.    Introductions-
2. Missouri Action-
-Budget Conference
-PDMP Conference still waiting for offical hearing.
3. 2017 Missouri Health Justice Advocates Convening
4. Federal Action
-AHCA Revival?
5.   Legislative Issue Areas (click on category to view report):
-House Bills 90 & 68(Rehder): Conference Committee.
-Senate Bill 194(Wallingford): Managed Care Network Accreditation.
Senate Bill 31(Emery)-Collateral source rule.
4.    Q & A / Suggestions
Potential Floor Debates This Week
-Both chambers will likely be asked to finally approve budget this week.
Formal Perfection:
House Bill 182(Hurst)-Minors obtaining abortions
House Bill 326(Miller)-Two parent consent for abortion
-House Bill 908(Lichtenegger)-“Pain Capable Child Protection Act”
House Bill 708(Hill)-Short term medical policies.
House Bills for Third Reading
House Bill 144(McGaugh)-Decisions regarding health care reords.
House Bill 960(Matthews)– “Social Innovation” grant.
Senate Bills for Thrid Reading
Senate Bill 52(Nasheed)– (Consent)Suicide Awarencess and Prevention.
Senate Bill 50(Walsh)-Advance Health Care Directive Registry.
-Senate Bill 194(Wallingford)-Managed care network accreditation.
Senate Bill 229(Riddle)-Dept. of Mental Health working hours.
Senate Bill 31(Emery)-Collateral Source rule
Senate Bills for Thrid Reading
Senate Bill 490(Schupp)-Suicide training for healthcare professionals.

Formal Perfection

Senate Bill 495(Riddle)-Trauma, STEMI, and stroke centers.
Senate Bill 532(Hoskins)-DMH facility inspections.
Senate Bill 518(Emery)-Hospital Licensure.
-Senate Bill 407(Riddle)-Radiologic Imaging Board of Examiners.
-Senate Bill 353(Wallingford)-Dental franshisors.
House Bill on Third Reading:
House Bill 452(Autsin)-Med Mal definitions.
House Bill 381(Evans)-Health records of deceased patients.
House Bill 58(Haefner)-Neonatal Care Designations
House Bill 262(Sommer)-Service dog expansion
Informal Perfection Calendar:
(Many bills may be taken up including SB 28(Sater)-Block grants; several abortion bills, and others.)
Committee Hearings This Week
-PDMP Conference Committee may be held this week.
House- General Laws Comittee; 1:00pm; HHR6
Senate Bill 363(Chappelle-Nadal)-Long-term care: familial involvement.
House-Rules & Legislative Oversight CMT; 2:00pm, HHR5
Senate Bill 334(Sater)-Assisted living facilities: influenza information.
Senate-Professional Registration CMT; 2:00pm, SCR1
House Bill 330(Morris)-Med Mal definitions: ‘assistant physicians.’
House Bill 209(Wiemann)-MOHealthNet Chiropractor reimbursement.

Budget Conference Committee; 8:15am; House Lounge

Budget Conference Committee; 8:15am; House Lounge

Senate-Seniors, Families, & Children Committee; 8:00am; Sen.Lounge

House Bill 174(Hubrecht)– Alternative to Abortion agencies.


-Nothing scheduled, but budget conference committee could theoretically spill over.