March 28, 2017

Call on Governor Greitens for more transparency in his administration. 

In case you missed it, a Kansas City Star analysis today details how Governor Eric Greitens aims to avoid “answering tough questions,” which “raises transparency concerns and does a disservice to Missourians.” Help us share this story across the state by posting the following on your Facebook and twitter.


Missourians deserve better than @EricGreitens who runs away from “answering tough questions” via @KCStar #MoGov


Here’s an idea for @EricGreitens: Spend less time flying back and forth to DC and more time answering to your constituents. Missourians deserve better than a Governor who runs from “answering tough questions.”


March 21, 2017

“Trumpcare is a disaster for Missouri. The Congressional Budget office estimates that 24 million Americans would lose their health insurance if it passes as it is now Arbitrary spending caps will particularly hurt rural areas here in Missouri. In your district alone, [insert number here] people will lose their health insurance. Don’t vote for any bill that increases the number of uninsured Americans or makes it more difficult for people with preexisting conditions to get coverage!”
Congressman Lacy Clay (202) 225-4535 48,400 Missourians in the 1st Congressional District will lose coverage.
Congresswoman Ann Wagner (202) 225-1621 – 35,600 Missourians in the 2nd Congressional District will lose coverage.
Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer (202) 225-2956 – 38,800 Missourians in the 3rd Congressional District will lose their coverage.
Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (202) 225-2876 – 39,900 Missourians in the 4th Congressional District will lose their coverage.
Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (202) 225-2406 – 42,800 Missourians in the 5th Congressional District will lose their coverage.
Congressman Sam Graves (202) 225-7041 – 39,200 Missourians in the 6th Congressional District will lose their coverage.
Congressman Billy Long (202) 225-6536 – 41,700 Missourians in the 7th Congressional District will lose their coverage.
Congressman Jason Smith (202) 225-4404 – 44,800 Missourians in the 8th Congressional District will lose their coverage.

March 20, 2017

The Affordable Care Act faces a critical repeal vote this Thursday.

This week is one of a handful this year that will decide the fate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This THURSDAY, exactly seven years after the ACA became law, the House of Representatives will be voting to repeal it and replace it with TrumpCare—a plan that, if passed, will lead to at least 24 million Americans losing their health care.

Republicans are rushing to pass TrumpCare before the upcoming April recess, ignoring the normal legislative process, because they don’t want to face you, their constituents. They are attempting to ram through a TrumpCare bill that will cut coverage for millions and raise premiums for millions more. Their proposal simultaneously guts Medicaid and gives a $600 billion tax break to the wealthy and corporations. We can’t let them get away with this—millions of lives hang in the balance.

You and your Indivisible group can stop this. The House vote this coming week is the first step towards enactment of this devastating TrumpCare bill. Your Member of Congress (MoC) needs to know that you oppose it. Here’s how:

Key tactics for applying your constituent power this week:

  • Show up. Show up at your MoC’s District Office with your group to demand that your MoC vote against TrumpCare. Bring affected individuals to these meetings and use personal stories as much as possible. Your stories are powerful—stories change minds and alter what is politically possible. Your story should answer this question: How will you or your family be affected by TrumpCare?
  • Create a public demonstration. Hold a vigil outside your MoC’s office. Invite the media. Their vote in favor of this bill would mean the difference between life or death for thousands each year. You need to demonstrate your resolve. If your member has already committed to vote no, show up and thank them. In a big way.
  • Make your calls to your Representative. Start with this script and tell your Representative that a vote to take away health care from 24 million people is a vote you’ll be watching. Spread the word on social media using #ProtectOurCare and tell your friends, neighbors, and colleagues to call their Representatives.
  • Get others involved. This vote is too important for people to sit on the sidelines. Time to get someone else involved—empower a friend, family member, neighbor, or colleague. Create social media events, tag a friend on Facebook, or just tell someone else why you get involved.
  • Get creative. You’re leading this movement—it’s your constituent power, so use it how you see fit. We’ve seen some local Indivisible groups create scrapbooks of local constituents who would be affected by TrumpCare. Others have brought their children who stand to lose coverage to the MoC’s district office. Your goal is to make clear to your Senators and Representatives—and any local media who will listen—what TrumpCare means for you and your family, friends, and neighbors.
  • Plan a Friday district office visit to hold your MoCs accountable. The House vote is expected Thursday. No matter how your MoC votes, you should provide IMMEDIATE feedback (positive or negative) by making a visit to their district office on Friday with your Indivisible group. Your MoCs will have to take more votes in the future on TrumpCare to pass the final bill. They’ll be holding their breath and watching carefully after this vote, hoping that the outrage dies down. By providing immediate feedback today, you’ll change their political calculus tomorrow.

March 12, 2017

Take this quick and simple survey about what the president should do with our $$:

Trump’s survey about the Federal Budget


March 9, 2017

Americans everywhere know Medicaid is important in helping families afford nursing home care, home care, or in providing care to people with severe disabilities, but House Republicans have released a healthcare repeal bill that would rip healthcare from millions of Americans and end America’s responsibility to ensure healthcare for those who can least afford it: children, seniors and people with disabilities.
Call 866-426-2631 and tell Congress not to take healthcare and Medicaid from Americans who need it most.
All this would mean that premiums will rise, and millions of our families, patients, and consumers will spend more and get less care as insurance companies and HMOs get richer. We will bear the brunt of massive Medicaid cuts as GOP Representatives rush to push through their bill, which could be passed in as few as 30 days.
We don’t have much time. Call Congress today and share your story of how you or your family would be affected if Medicaid is gutted.
Together, our actions make a difference. Our marches, calls, bus tours, and phone calls have caused Congress to delay its plan to take healthcare from millions of working families. We need everyone to call GOP Representatives today. Please call 866-426-2631 or 877-736-7831 for Spanish language line.

March 8, 2017

On Monday night, House Republicans announced legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act, and it’s as bad as we feared.

Insurance companies will no longer be required to cover benefits like maternity care and birth control.1 The 31 states that expanded Medicaid will be banned from enrolling new people. And patients on Medicaid will be BANNED from using it at a Planned Parenthood clinic–even if it’s the only health care provider nearby.2

Today at 10:30 AM ET, House Republicans began holding committee debate and votes on this awful bill. They’re trying to ram this through without giving it a full debate, hoping voters won’t notice. Town hall meetings last month made GOP members nervous, and one last big push could stop this bill.

Can you call Representative Sam Graves and demand he vote AGAINST repealing the Affordable Care Act? There’s no time to lose.

Here’s the contact information:

  • Rep. Graves – (202) 225-7041

It’s always best to speak in your own words, but here are some points to guide you:

  • I urge Rep. Graves to vote AGAINST repealing the Affordable Care Act.
  • For me and my family, we rely on the ACA. (Tell why in your own words!)
  • The GOP plan is a series of tax cuts for the wealthy and giveaways to insurance companies that will once again make health care unaffordable to the vast majority of Americans. Independent experts agree: the GOP plan will cover less and cost more than the Affordable Care Act.
  • Under the ACA, Americans like me can rely on guaranteed benefits, like no-cost preventive screenings and birth control. Under the GOP plan, Americans will once again be subject to the whims of the profit-driven insurance companies.
  • In many areas, Planned Parenthood is the only provider–and to ban Medicaid patients from accessing care there is immoral.

March 7, 2017

Empower Missouri
Advocate for the well-being of all Missourians through civic leadership, education, and research. Wherever you are on the advocacy journey, this week there is a job for you.Click here for details about the following opportunities:
Protect access to health care for children, people with disabilities and seniors who depend on Medicaid. Keep Missouri from taking ANOTHER giant step backwards on worker rights.
Missouri needs a raise – but some lawmakers are trying to take away local control regarding wages. Progress possible on trauma, toxic stress and trauma-informed care.
Join our Human Rights Task Force (HRTF) in speaking out to reduce bias in policing: Sen. Jamilah Nasheed (D-St. Louis City) will present SB 287.
Access to anti-psychotic medications threatened, opposeSenate Bill 433.

March 6, 2017


Tell your Senator you are a Missouri constituent and demand that they protect Planned Parenthood from defunding and the ACA from repeal!

  • Sen. Claire McCaskill Columbia Office (573)442-1730
  • Sen. Claire McCaskill Kansas City Office (816)421-1639
  • Sen. Roy Blunt Columbia Office (573)442-8151
  • Sen. Roy Blunt Kansas City Office (816)471-7141
  • Rep. Vicky Hartzler D.C. Office (202)225-2876

March 3, 2017

The Fight for Living Wage Continues…

Metro Organization for Racial and Economic Equity lauds the efforts of City Council in KCMO to pursue an immediate adoption of the repealed minimum wage increase ordinance.  This week, Missouri Supreme Court determined that flaws with the state legislation, which was designed to prohibit cities from taking action like increasing minimum wage, were a problem and could not be used to prevent St. Louis from their recently passed minimum wage increase.  Therefore, we, as a part of a larger group of advocates, are asking KCMO City Council to act swiftly to re-instate the ordinance that had been passed some months ago and later repealed.

If you support a gradual increase of minimum wage to $13/ hr. in KCMO, please take a moment to call or email your city council person this weekend.

We anticipate a vote this coming Thursday.  Please plan on attending the City Council meeting to show your support on March 9th at 3PM, 414 E. 12th Street, KCMO 64106, 26th floor.

March 2, 2017

Demand an Investigation!

Reports about Jeff Sessions’ contacts with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. during the campaign — and his failure to tell the truth under oath — raise more questions. Jeff Sessions cannot be trusted.

An independent, bipartisan investigation is urgently needed to protect our national security and finally get to the bottom of the Trump administration’s ties to Russia.

Call your senators now to demand an independent, bipartisan investigation.

Points to remember on the phone:

  • From Michael Flynn to Jeff Sessions, high ranking members of the Trump administration were in constant contact with Russian officials during the presidential campaign.
  • Jeff Sessions cannot be trusted as attorney general to oversee this investigation.
  • A bipartisan, independent investigation is the only way to expose the truth and protect our national security.
  • This shouldn’t be a partisan issue. It’s time to put country before party.


March 1, 2017

Congress just introduced an extremely dangerous bill they’re calling “concealed carry reciprocity” that would force all 50 states to allow stalkers, domestic abusers, and people with no safety training to carry hidden, loaded guns in public — even the legally blind.

Call your senators and tell them you OPPOSE concealed carry reciprocity.

When you reach a staff member or a voicemail box, please tell them the following things:

  1. Tell them your name, and that you’re a constituent.
  2. Tell them to vote NO on Senate Bill 446, what they call “concealed carry reciprocity”.