July 26, 2017

Opportunities to help gather signatures for Clean Missouri!  www.cleanmissouri.org

First Friday
When: Friday, August 4th  5pm-9pm
Where: Crossroad’s District KC
The destination of the month for Art lovers of the KC. This event pulls in people across the city into one neighborhood for music, entertainment, and food. The streets are bustling, and the volunteers are hustling. This event is all hands on deck. If anyone is looking for a night on the town, while also doing some good for the city, THIS is the event for you.
Community Canvass, Training, & Notary:
When: Saturday, August 5th, 10a – 2p
Where: Jobs With Justice, 4526 Paseo Ave.
notary available 12:30-2p
We will have a quick training and Community Canvass Day. This opportunity is for any and all volunteers. Those who are experienced – you’ll be able to get more materials & those who are new to signature gathering, can get plugged in and know-how you need to be a driving force
in change for Kansas City.
Election Day Bonanza:
When: Tuesday, August 8th ALL DAY
This will be the biggest & brightest day of the campaign. From 6am-7pm the polls will be open, pulling in registered voters and concerned citizens from all corners of the metro area. This day IS key to reaching our goal of 15,000. If you have volunteered with us, or always been curious to THIS is the perfect day to go out.

Heartland Alliance for Progress is partnering with Missouri Jobs with Justice and Clean Missouri to gather signatures for a democracy reform ballot initiative to let the voters decide in November, 2018, if they want to limit the influence of money and lobbyists in politics in Missouri, end gerrymandering, and make the proceedings of the Missouri Legislature available to the public.  We also get signatures for ending the Right to Work for Less.

Anyone who wants to volunteer can contact Fran at 816-516-5858

July 10, 2017

Help stop the Pence-Kobach Commission. Because everyone deserves a voice. Sign up for email updates here:




July 9, 2017

Tell your senator to stop Crus’z healthcare amendment; it would hurt quality and protections for pre-existing conditions! 844-241-1141.


July 5, 2017

Had enough of your elected officials playing politics with women’s health? Make your voice heard — call your senator and Gov. Greitens and tell them enough is enough!

What to say (Call Script)

Dial 573-880-4600. You’ll be prompted to enter your ZIP code. 
  • If your state senator is opposed to reproductive health care, you’ll be conneted to your state senator’s office.
  • If your state senator supports reproductive health care, you’ll be connected to Gov. Greitens.

Hi, my name is ____________ and I live in _____________.
I’m calling to ask [the governor/the senator] to stop spending $20,000 per day to restrict Missourians’ access to reproductive health care.
I am tired of my elected officials playing politics with women’s health care. This extreme, unnecessary special session costs $20,000 per day — money that would be better spent on improving Missourians’ access to health care. This $20,000 could provide a well-woman exam to 100 patients, a cancer screening for 66 patients, or one month of birth control for 800 people.
[Insert your own story, if you like.]
Please stop spending taxpayer dollars to restrict Missourians’ access to reproductive health care. 
Thank you for your time.