September 21, 2018

The decision of the Missouri Appeals court was in our favorClean Missouri/Amendment 1, will be on the ballot Nov. 6!

Heartland Alliance for Progress volunteers, led by Frances Farah, in conjunction with Missouri Jobs with Justice, collected thousands of signatures to get this on the ballot.  The Missouri Court of Appeals reversed the circuit court judge in Cole County, who had ruled that Amendment 1 could  NOT be on the ballot.
Now, let’s get out the vote on Nov. 6, to clean up politics and government in Missouri.  Vote YES on Amendment 1!
“If passed, Clean Missouri would lower campaign donation limits, eliminate nearly all lobbyist gifts, require legislators and staffers to wait two years before becoming lobbyists, open legislative records and overhaul the state’s redistricting system.
The redistricting  part of the amendment would require districts be drawn by a nonpartisan expert and then reviewed by a citizen commission to ensure competition. An independent demographer would help create the maps.

August 13, 2018:

Congratulations from the Missouri Jobs with Justice team:


It has taken me about a week to come down from the mountain we climbed together. Thanks to your incredible efforts 67.5% of voters last Tuesday voted to defeat Proposition A. Our efforts showed a significant increase in voter participation across demographics and regions and a 34% margin of victory, is, to put it lightly, historic.
Early on we knew proponents of Prop A were going to suggest that this was just a union issue and people who aren’t in unions shouldn’t worry about it. They were betting that because union membership is just a third of what it was 40 years ago (the last time Missourians rejected Right to Work), that they could count on our indifference to the issue. Boy were they wrong.
A few things I have thought about since Tuesday on the role of the community in stepping up to this fight.
  • We not only matched the historic effort of 1978, we beat it by 7.5%!
  • We won in 100 of Missouri’s 114 counties.
  • There were nearly 4x as many NO votes on Prop A as there are union members in this state.
  • Even if no union member had voted, Prop A would have been defeated.
This margin means that no matter how the proponents of Right to Work want to spin in, this was truly a rejection of their vision by ALL of Missouri. Congratulations to you!
I know for many of us, Prop A was only step 1 in the process of taking our state back. The week before our historic victory, the CLEAN Missouri Amendment and the Raise the Wage initiative were both certified by the Secretary of State’s office for the November ballot. Amendment 1 (CLEAN) and Proposition B (Raise Up Missouri) will both be there come November, and I think we have clearly shown, that we will be too.
I can’t thank you enough for the efforts that you made, they truly made the difference. I look forward to our continued work together.
In solidarity,
Richard von Glahn
Missouri Jobs with Justice

August 9, 2018:

Big win for the Jamal family — the Board of Immigration Appeals has agreed with Syed Jamal, a Lawrence chemistry professor, that he should be given an opportunity to present his deportation case to an Immigration Judge.  Full story at