September 2018:

Monthly HAP meeting: Who and What’s on the Ballot

These Kansas City Metro area candidates for Missouri House who are in CONTESTED races (have an opponent in the Nov. 6 general election) spoke briefly at Monday’s HAP meeting:
Some others were invited but unable to participate.  Many of these candidates have a really good shot at winning.
Also: Get updates on what else will be on the ballot:
  • Amendment 1 (Clean Missouri, to limit the influence of money and lobbyists in politics and and to draw district boundary lines according to fair and competitive standards)
  • Proposition B (to raise the STATEWIDE minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2023)
  • Proposition D (the Gas Tax Increase, Olympic Prize Tax Exemption, and Traffic Reduction Fund Measure).
  • Kansas City, MO, an 8-cent increase in the property tax based operating levy for the Kansas City Public Library will be on the ballot.
Representative Judy Morgan will describe a program in which volunteers can write postcards to infrequent voters, to encourage them to get to the polls on Nov. 6. (And, if you want to stay after the program, you can volunteer to do that tonight!)

July 2018:

July 24 Trump Protest at Barney Allis Plaza:



Monthly HAP Meeting:


June 2018:

Monthly HAP Meeting:


March 2018:

Signature-Gathering for Clean Missouri at the Westport St. Patrick’s Day Parade:


November 2017:

Monthly HAP Meeting:



September 2017:

DeVos Rally:



DACA Rally:





August 2017:

Random HAPpenings


July 2017:

July First Fridays in the lovely Kansas City Crossroads District. HAP collaborates with Jobs with Justice as a member organization. We are working on the Clean Missouri petition drive to get signatures to put an initiative on the 2018 ballot to limit campaign contributions in MO. WE CURRENTLY HAVE NONE. A GREAT NIGHT!



June 2017:

Jennifer Podhola, Director of Governmental Affairs from IUPAT spoke on MO Workers’ Rights at our June HAP meeting:



May 9, 2017:

Pictures from the United We Stand conference May 5-6.


May 5, 2017:




April 27, 2017:


Pictures from HAP participating in the MORAL Rally in Jeff City.


April 25, 2017:


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“Replacement” of Obamacare would result in $880 billion of costs for Medicaid shifting to the states, over 10 years. There was lots of audience participation at last night’s Heartland Alliance for Progress meeting about access to health care. Dr. Robert Stuber and friends came from St. Joseph, MO (Missourians would have been better off with him in the MO Senate). Jim Glover, Billy Carey, Micki Marathoner, Jordan Glasgow, Gena Curry, Simonie Justine Wilson, Pam Linwood, Rachel Gonzalez, Carol Hunt Sherman, and others were eager to learn from the expert, Brian Colby, with the Missouri Budget Project. Brian explained that efforts to repeal and supposedly replace the ACA/Obamacare would result in huge cuts in federal funding for Medicaid–$880 billion over 10 years, cutting off care for 14 million low-income people. And other changes to would cut Medicaid spending by an additional $19 billion over ten years, significantly affecting coverage and financial security for over 70 million low-income Americans — including children, seniors, and people with disabilities — while also increasing uncompensated care for hospitals. These costs would be shifted to states. Does that seem like a good plan, Republican governors and legislators?

April 11, 2017:

Stand Up KC came to talk to us about the FIGHT for $15 and a Union and it was inspirational!  Tears and questions abounded.  They’ll come speak to you too!



March 27, 2017:

Immigration Lawyer Jessica Pietra provided a lot of helpful information on the state of immigrants in the KC area and beyond.  There were so many questions, we went well past 7pm!



March 22, 2017:

This was a day for action. We participated with many others in a Rally to protect the ACA, THE Affordable Care Act. The only true Health Care Act.


March 13, 2017: Ballot Initiatives to Advance Public Policy in Missouri. Sean Soendker Nicholson, with GPS Strategies, explained the very important ballot initiatives that will be on the November 6, 2018 ballot:  Democracy reform measures (such as redistricting), and raising the minimum wage. We’ll need to help get signatures, educate voters, and get out the vote for these important policies.

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