April 25, 2017

It looks like the voter ID problem is about to go national.

Congressman Luke Messer (IN-06) has introduced a voter photo identification bill, which could suppress the votes of millions of eligible Americans nationwide.

Why? It could be because Congressman Messer wants to run for Senate next year, and he’s looking for a leg up with the Trump crowd. It could be that he buys into Trump’s lies about fraudulent voting, even though those claims have been debunked over and over again.

But whatever the reason, we need to take action and stop this. Now.

Copy this number 202-225-3021 and give Congressman Messer a call. Tell him you oppose his voter ID bill and that you don’t want him changing national election laws just to help win his own election in Indiana.

Again, that number is 202-225-3021.

If you’re not having much luck there, you can also try calling his district offices in Indiana. He’s got three:

Muncie: 765-747-5566

Richmond: 765-962-2883

Shelbyville: 317-421-0704


April 20, 2017

DA: Call the House Foreign Affairs Committee & tell them not to let ExxonMobil avoid sanctions to do business in Russia! 844-241-1141 & http://rvdr.me/92750

April 19, 2017

DAILY ACTION: Back by popular demand! Call a Trump property & politely say that their boss needs to release his returns! (202) 796-7123 & http://rvdr.me/77982

April 16, 2017

Protect Access to Family Planning & Women’s Health Care!

Protect Access to Family Planning & Women's Health Care!

You may have seen that President Trump signed bill to repeal a Obama-era protection for the Title X family planning program yesterday. This bill does not “defund” Planned Parenthood (that is a separate issue). While it is intended to embolden states to try to block access to health care, Missouri’s Title X program is NOT run through the state, so the legislature CANNOT interfere with this critical family planning program. However, the Missouri legislature IS trying to completely undermine the state-funded family planning program, leaving thousands of Missourians without access to family planning and women’s health care.

A provision of House Bill 11 would disqualify hundreds of providers in Missouri’s family planning program. In a deceptive attempt to link this program to abortion, an amendment to HB 11 seeks to bar any agencies that provide “abortion services” from receiving state funds — but it includes referral in the definition of abortion services. Legally and ethically, providers are obligated to inform patients of all options, including abortion.

Without these providers, thousands of low-income patients who need preventive care like birth control or sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and treatment would have nowhere to go. We need you to speak out.

The Missouri Senate is moving forward with the budget next week, and lawmakers need to hear from Missourians who care about patients’ access to health care.

Tell your state senator to protect Missourians’ access to family planning and women’s health care.


April 15, 2017

Circuit Breaker Update & Revenue Options

The proposal to eliminate the circuit breaker tax credit for low-income Missourians who rent their homes is on the Senate calendar, and may be considered on Tuesday.
There are many other ways for Missouri legislators to fund home & community-based services and MO Rx. With tax cuts scheduled to go into effect in 2018, Missouri will struggle even more next year to fund critical services.
The needs of students, seniors, Missourians with disabilities, and other groups should not be pitted against each other. Missouri legislators can act now to prevent more pain in the future by:
Delaying implementation of the SB 509 tax cuts: These tax cuts are scheduled to go into effect in 2018 and are reducing available revenue
Repealing the business income deduction provision from SB 509:This provision is recognized across the political spectrum as bad tax policy that simply creates winners & losers while doing nothing to incentive economic growth. The provision will cost as much as $200 million a year when fully implemented.

State Budget Update

The Senate Appropriations made its first round of changes to the House Budget bills for FY 18. While in most cases the Senate agreed with the House funding levels, there are a few notable exceptions:

K-12 Education

The Senate reduced funding for the K-12 foundation formula by $44 million compared to what the House provided, bringing the funding level back to the Governor’s recommended level. When questioned about the reduction Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Dan Brown, suggested that he did not want to trigger an expansion of funding for pre-K education, which would be added to the formula once it reaches full funding.

Higher Education

The Senate Appropriations Committee reversed the House funding cuts for Missouri’s two-year and four-year colleges. The Senate proposed a 6% cut to the University of Missouri System, while the House had proposed a 9% cut.

Instead, the Senate proposed that the 9% cut be applied to all other public higher education institutions, while the House had proposed that those institutions be cut by 6%. The Senator Brown said this reversal was intended to allow for negotiations during conference committee.

Circuit Breaker & Health Services

A significant number of budget sections remain undecided, including items related to the circuit breaker and funding for MOHealthNet. Some committee members are very concerned about funding for the expansion of managed care statewide, and the committee may decide not to fund that expansion. If the full Senate agrees, this could set up a big battle with the House over Medicaid spending.

The Legislature does not meet next Monday due to the Easter Holiday. We expect that the circuit breaker cuts will be debated on Tuesday, followed by the Senate Appropriations committee meeting on Wednesday. If lawmakers follow that path, it would result in the budget bills moving to the Senate floor the week of April 24th.

Health Policy

The Senate went unexpectedly late on Thursday debating House Bill 90, the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.  The bill was significantly altered with amendments requiring the databased be used by doctors prescribing opioids and benzodiazepines and a requirement that the database hold only 180 days of information.  The bill will now have to go to conference committee or be accepted with changes by the House.

April 13, 2017

The following is a message from our very own Missouri State Treasurer, Nicole Galloway!  She’s in the running for an amazing honor from Emily’s List and needs your vote!

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share some exciting news with you: I have been nominated as an EMILY’s List 2017 Gabrielle Giffords Rising Star. To be included among this group of women is humbling and speaks to our shared commitment to community, families, determination and civility.

Now, here’s the part where you come in. I need your vote today.

Voting is underway now and closes at 11:00 a.m. this Friday, April 14.

I am committed to doing what’s best for all Missourians and standing up for women and families by supporting policies that benefit our communities.

If you share my commitment, please vote today at and then spread the word so others can vote.

Thank you for your support!



April 11, 2017

Fight Right to Work (For Less) —> Attend a Missouri AFL-CIO ballot initiative signature collection training.

The Missouri AFL-CIO is fighting Republican’s Right to Work (for less) scheme on the ballot and needs your help. Over the next year, the AFL-CIO will be collecting signatures to put a Citizens’ Veto that would block the implementation of Right to Work (for less) in Missouri. In order to get it on the ballot, they need folks like you to volunteer their time and energy.

Sign up for one of their initiative petition collection trainings by following the links below!

Saint Joseph April 17th

Jefferson City April 19th

Kansas City April 19th


April 10, 2017

If someone asked me to make a list of the most irresponsible places for people to carry hidden, loaded handguns, this would be it:

  • schools
  • bars
  • daycare centers
  • police stations
  • college and university facilities
  • sports arenas

But these locations are exactly where the gun lobby wants to let people carry hidden, loaded handguns.

Our lawmakers will be discussing this bill today, and they need to know that Missouri voters strongly oppose this dangerous policy.

Send a message to lawmakers demanding that they oppose House Bill 630.Click to automatically send a message to committee members before the hearing.

Frankly, the last thing that should be on our lawmakers’ list of priorities is to weaken Missouri’s gun laws in some of the places where we send our children every day.

Tell lawmakers to get their priorities straight and stop this dangerous bill from becoming law in Missouri.


April 9, 2017

Before we get to prep for congressional recess in this email, we have to talk about Syria. The use of chemical weapons in Syria is an atrocity that the world cannot ignore, and those responsible must be brought to justice. However, no Commander in Chief should take lightly a decision to deploy the US military overseas—and if the President commits to a long-term military action, they’re legally required to seek congressional authorization.

Whenever military action is taken, by any President, it is critical that Congress hold the President fully accountable. And that’s even more true when the President is a thin-skinned egomaniac. Trump cannot be allowed to fire off missiles the way that he fires off tweets. He cannot be allowed to bar Syrian child refugees from our shores and then claim he’s taking military action to protect them. And he absolutely cannot be allowed to drag us into another Middle East war. It’s Congress’ job to stop this from happening. Call your Member of Congress and demand that they return to session to exercise oversight over Trump’s warmongering.

We also encourage you to think about ways to help the people of Syria. Organizations like the White Helmets, Doctors Without Borders, and the International Rescue Committee are just a few of the many organizations helping on the ground and assisting refugees. Stand with them as an ally. And make your voice heard: there’s never been a more important time to call on your MoCs to support Syrian refugees. During this April recess, ask them what they’re doing to make sure America truly supports Syrian refugees by allowing them to come to the United States.


April 7, 2017

We’ve started gathering signatures for the Clean Missouri Democracy Reform constitutional amendments, to get questions on the ballot November 6, 2018, regarding fair and competitive redistricting, better campaign contribution limits, limits on the influence of lobbyists, and transparency in the proceedings of the MO Legislature. Please let me know if you can join this important work to effectively influence public policy in Missouri on behalf of us all, by getting big money out of politics and making elections fairer. We’ll also be gathering signatures for raising the minimum wage and for ending so-called Right to Work in MO.

April 4, 2017



April 3, 2017

Tell your senators to warn McConnell NOW that there will be big consequences for going nuclear.  Call 844 241-1141 or go to http://rvdr.me/79525.