As you know, there’s been some action at the state and federal level last week. Below is a summary of what’s happened so far and attached are some resources to help you respond.
Please join the weekly Missouri Health Partnership call this Thursday, September 21 at 3:00 for more updates. An agenda and call information will go out later this week.
– Veto session
The Missouri General Assembly met last week and did not overturn the veto on HCB 3. Instead, lawmakers agreed to form a committee led by Sen. Cunningham and Rep. Fitzpatrick to meet for 3 weeks to determine if a solution could be reached that would warrant a special session to restore the services to seniors and people with disabilities that have been lost from the veto. The circuit breaker tax credit could again be under threat. Attached are draft action alerts from AARP and Paraquad.
– CHIP reauthorization
>From Judy Dungan at MOCLC:
The deadline for Congress to fund CHIP is approaching fast, but it appears the US Senate is on track to renew funding before it expires on September 30.
Your emails and phone calls are still important. The Committee on Energy and Commerce in the House of Representatives has not yet acted on CHIP extension and the Senate still needs to vote.   Please make the following points in your communication with the Missouri delegation.
90,000 Missouri children receive their health care through Medicaid/CHIP
•            CHIP insures children in working families whose income is too high for traditional Medicaid, but have no other access to health insurance.
•            The CHIP program has always been bipartisan.
•            It is scheduled to expire on September 30.
•            Unless Congress acts, MOHealthNet will be required to begin sending out termination notices letting families know that their children’s coverage will end in March.
•            Ask your congressman as well as Senators McCaskill and Blunt to vote to extend the CHIP program before the September 30 deadline so families know their children will continue to be covered.
•            Ask them to extend the CHIP authorization for five years.
Also attached is a new CHIP fact sheet from SLU Law. And a big thank you to each of the 82 organizations that signed on to the CHIP reauthorization letter earlier last month!
– Cassidy-Graham Repeal and Replace Proposal
We are hearing from national partners that the Cassidy-Graham proposal to repeal and replace the ACA may be picking up steam. Like all of the other congressional proposals we’ve seen this year, this would cause millions to lose health insurance, decimate medicaid, and remove protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Now is the time to push back once again with calls to Senators, social media, letters to the editor, and op-eds. Attached are talking points and sample social media images. MHP will send updates as we hear more.
Thank you for all of your hard work to protect Medicaid and the safety net!