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Becki Bardin, one of our wonderful, talented members makes these adorable, nasty pink hats and one can be yours for only $2!  Contact us if you’re interested at heartlandallianceforprogress@gmail.com or come to one of our bi-monthly meetings and pick one up in person.
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Heartland Alliance for Progress was started by action-oriented and experienced volunteers who wanted to do more to lead us forward, despite the deeply disappointing outcome of the 2016 presidential election, on which we’d worked so hard.  Members of this group will apply our skills, experience, knowledge, relationships, and leadership towards additional organizing on behalf of candidates for public office and public policy that benefits us all.  While achieving equal rights for women is one of our core causes, our group is not limited to women. We enthusiastically welcome those who were not involved in the 2015-16 presidential campaign, as fully participating members of HAP.

Chairperson – Sarah Starnes
Marketing – Pam Linwood
Secretary – Victoria Cook
Social Media – <temporarily vacant>
Webmaster – Simonie Wilson
Youth Ambassadors – Heidi & Tina

Facebook and Social Media

Designated HAP members serve as liaisons to other organizations with which we partner, to accomplish our common goals. These liaisons will attend meetings of the other organizations, and facilitate turnout for their activities and public actions.

We will do the work to elect progressive candidates for public office, when those opportunities present themselves and we determine which candidates will best serve everyone.